Frank Enstein


I have composed the score to the dance and theatre work “Frank Enstein” – produced by The Farm and Co3 Australia Frank’s a lonely guy who wants to make his imaginary friends real. Harnessing electricity from a storm he animates his world with nothing but his imagination and a cardboard box. Battling a physical impairment, Frank … Read more…

A Faint Existence


I have composed the score to Kristina Chan’s work A Faint Existence, which premiered as part of Liveworks Festival 2016 at Carriageworks. The stunning full-length solo debut from acclaimed Australian dancer-choreographer Kristina Chan, A Faint Existence is a powerful physical meditation on impermanence, fragility and mortality in the age of climate change. Chan’s performance explores … Read more…



I composed the original score for Kristina Chan’s work CONFORM in New Breed 2015, by Sydney Dance Company “Conform is one of the most powerful dance works of the year, lingering in the mind long after the performance has ended. Watching Conform, choreographed by Kristina Chan for the Sydney Dance Company’s New Breed season at … Read more…



I composed the Live score to Tangi Wai – The Cry of Water Victoria Hunt has drawn together an impressive creative team to investigate the transformative qualities of light, water, incantations and embodiment. Hunt has choreographed a company of eleven women in a striking work that explores the concept of Te Arai, a place of … Read more…

Scope – The Australian Ballet

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 4.36.47 pm

I have composed the score for Scope- The Australian Ballet Music: James Brown // Choreography Alice Topp  // Visuals: The Apiary  


scope600_Layer-4 (1)

I composed the music for Alice Topp’s work performed by the Australian Ballet, as part of the bodytorque program, at Sydney Theatre The video footage as produced by The Apiary Alice Topp, a company member who is becoming very comfortable with switching hats to choreographer, presented Scope. This work was the highlight of the program, … Read more…

Unnamed, My Eyes Ablaze


I travelled to Brussels in December 2012 to work with Anuschka Von Oppen on her work “Unnamed, my Eyes Ablaze”, which premiered at space RENOLD, Company SOIT’s new studio and rehearsal space. Concept/Direction: Anuschka Von Oppen Creation & Performance: James Brown, Gala Moody, Sara Sampelayo, Anuschka Von Oppen Music score: James Brown Light: Christoph Donse Assistant … Read more…



I have composed the live score for this final part of Matthew Day’s Trilogy, INTERMISSION Intermission is the final installment in Matthew Day’s acclaimed solo series TRILOGY, following THOUSANDS and CANNIBAL “…complete surrender…he’s asking questions about pattern and repetition, about the possibility and oppressiveness of the human body…heart breaking” – Rebecca Saffir, The Brag “the experience of … Read more…

Copper Promises – Victoria Hunt


I wrote the music score for Victoria Hunt’s new work, Copper Promises: Hinemehi Haka – Which Premiered at Carriageworks in June 2012 and toured to London (The Place, London) in 2013 Copper Promises is a new solo dance work by Victoria Hunt exploring the cultural and physical journey of Hinemihi: a female ancestor and a … Read more…

‘The Memory Progressive’ – Phantom Limbs

phantom limbs - canberra

Phantom Limbs is a young and emerging dance company which was founded in early 2008 as the result of the extremely successful partnership of dancers James Welsby and Amy Macpherson. I will be writing music for their show in 2010, titled ‘The Memory Progressive’

Thousands – Matthew Day


I wrote the live score to Matthew Day’s work Thousands, which is part of a Trilogy “IT’S LIKE DISCO BUTOH IN A GOLD WASH. THAT’S ABOUT THE BEST I CAN DESCRIBE IT.” John Bailey Presenting a series of quiet moments and details in an exquisitely poised and controlled performance by Matthew Day, Thousands simultaneously suggests … Read more…