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I wrote the music score for Victoria Hunt’s new work, Copper Promises: Hinemehi Haka – Which Premiered at Carriageworks in June 2012 and toured to London (The Place, London) in 2013

Copper Promises is a new solo dance work by Victoria Hunt exploring the cultural and physical journey of Hinemihi: a female ancestor and a ceremonial space connected with Hunt’s Maori cultural heritage. Hinemihi’s story is interwoven with Hunt’s own journey: of finding family, of reconnecting with her culture and of learning from land, ancestors and peers. with Hunt’s extended family and other artists, Copper Promises creates distinctive movement and imagery, merging feeling and gesture as they echo across landscape and through time. It is a lament, a pilgrimage, a protest for ancestral treasures – Taonga.

“A stunning production…It is as if she is channelling the spirits of her ancestors and the very land they come from.”
Julia Cotton, Sydney Morning Herald

Artists: James Brown, Densil Cabrera, Annemaree Dalziel, Hedge, Horomona Horo, Victoria Hunt, Charles Koroneho, Tess de Quincey, Clytie Smith, Chris Wilson and Fiona Winning