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High Quality Wireless Headphone Rentals

Bespoke design for the arts

and cultural sector

I am  an independent composer and sound designer in Sydney with over 20 years audio experience and a masters degree in Acoustic Physics from the University of Sydney. I have designed a high quality wireless headphone system for my own use in projects, that are optimised for use in a range of performance and cultural experiences and shows.


I have designed these high quality headphones as  I was unhappy with the rental headphones currently available in the market and I required high quality sound outputs that I could control for a series of shows and performances that I have recently been a part of. I created my own system with high fidelity dynamic range with more comfortable with leather ear pads.


The system can run up to three channels simultaneously, with three different audio streams. The LED lights on the ear muffs can be turned off for more serious applications, such as performances, tours or conferences.

The package seamlessly interfaces with any Laptop, DJ System, or phone. Just link up to the transmitter and audio plays through the headphones to a distance of up to 500m away from the transmitter. You can pick up and return the headphones or I can deliver and set them up for a fee. I also offer audio and sound consultants advice for your event at hourly rates.

These high quality headphones are ideal for performance, theatre, dance, outdoor environments, galleries, tours, conferences, silent disco, kids' birthdays, functions, open-air cinema, yoga classes, and more.

The headphones have a battery life of up to 10 hours and come pre-charged. Please get in touch and I can provide you with a quote.

Wireless headphone rental

What’s included in the package?

Wireless headphones x50

High quality headphones with leather ear pads, good dynamic range with clear treble and low bass. The headphones have an optional LED with 3 colours, red - blue, and green to distinguish the different audio channels

FM Transmisster

Just link up to the transmitter and audio plays through the headphones to a distance of up to 500m away from the transmitter. The system can be used with an included power pack, and also runs on a rechargeable battery for use outside without any need for power supply (great for outdoor tours)


The headphones are charged with an everyday USB-C port, and a multi-charger is proviced allowing you to charge all 50 headphones at once

Audio connectors

An included minijack to RCA cable allows you to connect your laptop or phone to the system, also included is an iphone lightning converter

Wireless Microphone

An optional wireless handheld microphone (Shure SM58) can be included, great for presentations

Headset microphones

Optional Headset or lapel microphones can be included which are great for roaming presentations. These are also battery powered.

Got a question?

Send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How much do the heaphones cost to rent?

Send me an email and I’ll give you a quote. I’ll beat any existing wireless headphone quote by 10% for new customers

I need more than 100 headphones

No problem, if you need more let me know and I can arrange 100+

How many different channels can I have?

Up to 7 different channels of simultaneous audio

How long do the batteries last?

The batteries can last up to 10 hours on a single charge, and they come pre-charged. You can charge them yourself and it takes approximately 1 hour.

Which area can I rent from?

At the moment I will rent and deliver to anyone in Sydney, Australia. Orders outside this area will be considered on a case by case basis.

Will you deliver and set up these for me?

Yes, I will deliver abnd pick up anywhere in Sydney, Australia and set them up for you for a fee. There are also pick up options for a cheaper rate.