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I have composed the score for Lewis Major’s double bill dance works as part of Adelaide Festival 2021

UNFOLDING melds fluid dance with shifting 3D polynomial animations by creative coder Fausto Brusamolino and it features costumes created in Adelaide by local atelier, Naomi Murrell Studios. A much darker, deeply theatrical work

S/WORDS postulates a flung-together tribe of performers locked in a theatre as the world burns outside; six dancers in search of the rules, rituals and rites that still carry meaning and value

“The beautiful, animated illumination, perfectly synchronised with the unfurling beats of the music and the movements of the dancers, becomes a crucial element in the performance, creating dizzying, beautiful illusions of narrow, spinning bridges of light on which the dancers appear to balance, or round petri-dish constellations of tiny white stars that pour over the bodies of the two female dancers, who, having removed their black costumes, become vulnerably, beautifully human as they curl and intertwine in the living light. Collaborating with composer James Brown and lighting designer Fausto Brusamolino during lockdown, Major began creating Unfolding with the aid of a motion-tracking suit in a 3D virtual environment coded in a video game lab. The animated light bears something of the hyper-real, glitch-pulse feel of video games, but it is no less striking or original for that, providing a foil for the visceral sense of isolation and yearning for human connection contained within the choreography.” – Indaily