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I have composed the Live score to Tangi Wai – The Cry of Water

Victoria Hunt has drawn together an impressive creative team to investigate the transformative qualities of light, water, incantations and embodiment. Hunt has choreographed a company of eleven women in a striking work that explores the concept of Te Arai, a place of remembrances – bodies abandoned by spirit, urged by unknown forces

“Hunt’s dance is at once organic, suggestive of primordial times, and electrifying.”
– Julia Cotton, Sydney Morning Herald

Tangi Wai…the cry of water merges installation, theatre and dance – guided by Maori protocols and cosmology.

DSCF6523 DSCF6543


 “The Sound Design of James Brown, has his imagination engaging like a sorcerer, sound and technical inventions from a multitudinous resource, thrusting the work forward propulsively and harnessing it, extraordinarily, within the atmospherics of mythical time, and still, yet, vibrating the constant evolutionary forces of the present. The aural impact was immersive and massive. I felt, was affected, to be a witness to a beginning of it ‘all’ in Time Present and Time Past, at once. The sense of TIME connect, association, with the fictional explanations of our homo sapiens ancestors as to the origins of nature, and the importance of the mist, water, still, now, nurturing the earth, underlined my seeping (once unconscious) panic as to its value and fragility in the eco-balance of our present days.”

Kevin Jackson – Theatre Diary