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I created a short movie with company SOIT (Belgium) whilst they were in Sydney, around the Sutherland Shire. I filmed this and edited, and wrote the music along with Sam James and Hans Van Den Broeck.

A utopian community fell apart.
They had all abandoned their former lives. Now, whilst many of the group have left to make their way back to the city, these straggling others remain held, floating like driftwood in time. They have found an escape into a fictional life, hiding in the fantasy of a fragmented theatre, a redundant play without an ending.
Over the years they constructed a surrogate existence … in a storehouse, a place that holds them waiting, with rusting tracks and trains that never leave.
For now they have a fictional refuge. A small doorway is the only entrance to their nirvana, this other consciousness of prolonged nostalgia, where they blissfully regret that life is seeping away. They climb inside, passing through space and time, into their common state of mind. By avoiding the pain of the outside they persist in their timeless, numbing lethargy. Until the outside world calls them to face the light, to take the decision to walk right back to where it all started.

with: Kathy Cogill, Nikki Heywood, Manu Louw, Clara Louw, Tony Osborne, Kirk Page , Hans Van den Broeck‎ , Anuschka Von Oppen, Nalina Wait

directing:Hans Van den Broeck
assistant directing: Anuschka Von Oppen
camera: James Brown
edited by: Sam James, Hans van den Broeck
sound and music composed by: James Brown

coproduction SOIT company & Sydney Performers Group