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Zaid is part of a on-going project exploring the topic of fear.

Zaid is a short documentary that highlights the often unspoken but timely topic of fear. The society in which we live today fear is a present stimulus travelling from one to another without us realising how much fear has affected our behaviour. It is an essential part of our survival mechanism anchored in our body to keep us safe, however the dangers of living in constant fear, your system flooding with corrosive hormones can damage health and affect the way we think and influence the decisions we make. The anticipation of terror affects our behaviour and mind cultivating an infectious negative barrier in our ability to reason. As a society, we have become victim to the impact of media outlets and online sources propagating information by probing our needs, hopes and fears to shape public opinion and behaviour.

We look through the eyes of a young ambitious man Zaid who embarked on a long journey to find refuge in Belgium. He shares his battles, conflicts and triumphs in his attempt to integrate into a culture of resistance. With the rise of right wing extremists groups worldwide, this documentary looks at fear by proposing the idea that our human race has been socially conditioned to fear the unknown, cultures we do not understand resulting in divided communities and lack of empathy towards the human race.


This documentary ask the viewer, how much has fear affected your behaviour?


Featuring Zaid Khalid Mahmood

Director/Producer: Jamie Lee

Director of Photography: Stanislav Dobak

Editor: Stanislav Dobak, Jamie Lee

Sound Composition: James Peter Brown