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I wrote the music for the POST show “Who’s the Best?” which premiered at Sydney theatre Company in June 2011


Hi, thanks for coming. Now tell us, which one of us was your favourite? No really, let’s take a vote.

A contest of identity with no end point, no rules and no real meaning, it’s all about winning. In Who’s The Best? post are on a mission to settle an ongoing debate – the answer to the question no-one wanted to ask out loud: which one of them actually is the best?

They’ve devised a system, but the criteria keep changing. They’ve undergone months of gruelling analysis: Dolly magazine quizzes, Enneagram tests, underwear comparisons, hand-eye coordination assessments, voting, debates, surveys and pie charts. Now, they present their results.

Who’s The Best? is performance as rivalry, life as competition. It’s about the dizzying highs and the harrowing lows, when the only thing left to do is film yourself crying in the bathroom and wait for it all to blow over.

“The premise is engagingly simple. Taking a lighthearted shot at reality TV, competition for competition’s sake, and the measures we use to judge one another, post have managed to once again cut straight to the heart of the issue, without once making you feel like they’re talking about issues, or even really performing at all… Frankly, there is nothing about this show I didn’t love. See it. See it now. Did I mention it was hilarious?”
— Kate Briton, FBI RADIO

“Performance that shines a spotlight on the performative nature of our hyper-real, camera-ready personal lives… Insightful, searingly funny… Sublime.”

“Infectiously delirious… once again post raise daggy amateurism to a sublime artform.”
— Keith Gallasch, REALTIME