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I have composed the score to the work “Dignity of Risk” – by ATYP, Directed by Natalie Rose.

“This stereotype-smashing show is made by and about young people – but is essential viewing for anyone who has ever felt like they don’t ‘fit the norm’

We grow up with boundaries. They determine how we should behave, where we can go, what we can do on our own. You could say the process of ‘growing up’ up is testing those boundaries, pushing them, finding out when they break or when you will. But not everyone gets that chance. Some people are thought to be too fragile, too vulnerable or just not ready. Which is fine until you realise … actually, it isn’t. That’s the point of growing up!

This explosive new work fuses movement and dance with the personal stories of young adults. Shopfront’s Harness Ensemble joins forces with actors from ATYP to interrogate the worlds we find ourselves in. Merging performers with and without disability, we hold a mirror to our preconceptions of what is appropriate, what is possible and what can be expected. There’s a dignity in the freedom to make mistakes. That’s where we learn the important stuff.”

Dignity of Risk won the “Best Production for Young people” at the Sydney Theatre Awards 2017

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