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I have created the live score for this multi-sensory performance and dining experience created through a new collaboration between Studio A and Erth.

“All five human senses have been engaged in this truly groundbreaking work. – Artshub”

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 2.37.46 pm

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 2.37.38 pm

My Dinner with BIRDFOXMONSTER – Realtime

“Entering the mysterious world of birdfoxmonster, we are encouraged to wash our hands before eating, which we duly do on moist, warm towels handed through an opening in a black wall by unseen persons. Then, all 30 of us gradually file into a darkened space towards a spotlit pumpkin stuck with forks wrapped around with spaghetti and spinach, which we pull out and eat. A soft, rumbling voice, somewhere between the Cookie Monster and (as a fellow audience member observes) Tom Waits, riffs upon the delights of spaghetti smothered in melting butter.

We are here for an unorthodox dinner designed by artists from Studio A (a Sydney-based organisation that fosters the professional development of artists living with an intellectual disability) and Erth, the live-theatre company known for creating up-close, exhilarating puppetry encounters for children. Gathered in this dimly lit space, with its promise of anthropomorphic characters, there’s more than a hint of having fallen down the rabbit hole…….”