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I’ve composed the score and sound design for the film WE CIRCLE SILENTLY (2022) by Kate Blackmore and Danielle Micich

Judith Grace Truman 
Amber McMahon
Dad Charlie Garber 

Writer & Director Kate Blackmore
Danielle Micich
Colm O’Callaghan
Associate Producer 
Charlotte Barrett
Justine Kerrigan ACS
Sound Recordist Dan Miau
Set & Costume Designer 
Johanna Glassborow
Hair & Makeup Artist 
Zoe Slatyer
Production Coordinator Joseph Brown
Elliott Magen
Composer & Sound Designer 
James Brown
Colourist Justin Tran
Production Assistant 
Alex de Prazer
Stills Photographer Ashley de Prazer

We Circle Silently is a dance film by Kate Blackmore in collaboration with choreographer Danielle Micich, artistic director of acclaimed Australian dance theatre company Force Majeure. The film uses feminist poet Adrienne Rich’s poem, Diving into the Wreck, as a frame through which to explore patriarchal violence and the connections between women.