James Brown is a Sydney based composer and sound designer.


He has worked collaboratively with companies both locally and internationally to produce soundtracks for performance, film, animation and games. He holds a Visual Arts degree from Sydney College of the Arts, and a Masters Degree in Acoustic Physics from Sydney University.

He has extensive experience working in collaborative, multi-artform processes and has formed ongoing artistic relationships collaborations with artists and companies including: Bethesda, Victoria Hunt, Jane Campion, Australian Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, William Yang, George Khut, Matthew Day, Hans Van Den Broeck (SOIT), POST, and Urban Theatre Projects.
His process often involves creating music in synchronicity with the development of the project, creating a strong connection between the material and sound.

mobile number: 0421150729

email me at: jamespb (at) gmail.com



Composition / Sound Design

2016 – “A Brilliant Genocide” Documentary – Ebony Butler

Composed score to documentary detailing the Genocide in Uganda

2016 – Corner Lab Residency – Phillip Channels

Live composer, musician and collaborator

2015 – “Conform” Kristina Chan – Sydney Dance Company

Composed score for dance work as part of New Breed at Carriageworks

2015 – Beyond Technique Residency – Phillip Channels

Live composer, musician and collaborator

2015 – “Fallout 4” Video Game – Bethesda Softworks

Composed music and Sound Design for in-game animations

2015 – “TANGI-WAI” Victoria Hunt

Composed score for work premiered at Liveworks Festival, Carriageworks

2015 – “The Hunt” – Hans Van Den Broeck (Los Angeles)

Composed score for feature film

2015 – “One Day for Peace” – Urban Theatre Projects

Documentary Score

2015 – “Animal People” – Rock Surfers Theatre Company

Composed sound design and composition in collaboration with composer Tom Hogan

2015 – “F35 (Seaquest)” – Baden Pailthorpe

Composition for video installation

2015 – “The Drawing” – Natalie Rose and Chris Dunstan

Composed score and animation for childrens theatre show, Blacktown

2014 – “Adult Swim Shorts” Rubber House

Designed the sound and composed music for multiple Adult Swim TV shorts

2014 – “Blood Links” William Yang, ABC/SBS

Composed score for the third part of the Trilogy Documentary series

2014 – “RITES” Matthew Day, Dancehouse/Carriageworks

Composed score for the work as part of the Keir Choreographic Award

2014 – “A faint existence” Kristina Chan, Force Majeure, Artshouse Melbourne

Composed score for the first development of the Solo work by Kristina Chan

2014 – “Oedipus Schmoedipus” POST – Belvoir Theatre

Composed score and Visual Projection instructions

2013 – “Top of the Lake” TV Series, UKTV, Sundance

Composed score for Jane Campion’s MiniSeries

2013 – “Unnamed My Eyes Ablaze” – SOIT, Brussels, Belgium

Composed score for Anuschka Von Oppens Dance work in Brussels

2012 – “Copper Promises” – Victoria Hunt

Composed score for Victoria Hunt’s Work at Performance Space

2012 – “Celestial Radio” – Neil Bromwich and Zoe Walker – Performance Space/ MCA

Composed an hour long score for a radio broadcast – Comissioned by the MCA and Performance Space

2012 – “INTERMISSION” – Matthew Day

Composed score for Final work as part of Matthew Day’s Triology, INTERMISSION.

2011 – “Watut Fairtrade Chocolate” TVC – Rubber House

Composed music and sound designed spot for Watut Fairtrade Chocolate.

2011 – “Whale Chorus – Rhapsody” – Performance Space

Composed music and performed in residency development for Whale Chorus show at Carriageworks

2011 – “Machine Atlas” – Shopfront Theatre

Sound designed yearly Shopfront show which took place in Carlton Street Square

2011 – “Messiah Run” – SOIT (Belgium)

Composed score for the new creation by SOIT, which was performed at a church in Loveljoel, Belgium

2011 – “Inflection” Fetish Frequency – Underbelly Festival, Cockatoo Island

Was a core collaborator and composer for the interactive performance project as Part of Underbelly Festival.

2011 – “Who’s the Best?” – POST – Show as part of the Next Stage Program at Sydney Theatre Company

Composed soundtrack and sound design for show for POST

2011 – “Scope” – Composition for the ‘Bodytorque’ program, Australian Ballet

Composed piece of music for Alice Topp’s choreography as part of the bodytorque program,

produced by the Australian ballet, To be performed at Sydney Theatre in June 2011

2011 – “Tokyo” – Performance with Toshi Ichiyanagi, Tokyo Wonder Site (Japan)

Music composed for a performance with a group of composers and

musicians, the premier of a new work created by Japanes Composer Toshi Ichiyanagi

2010 – “Café Prukel” – Company SOIT, from Belgium (Vienna)

Music composed, sound design and live video work for the work

premiered at the Impulstanz Vienna international Dance Festival 2010, Directed by Hans Van den Broeck.

2010 – “Hole in the Wall” – Matthew Prest and Claire Britton

Composition (full Score) created for the multi-sensory installation performance premiered at Campbelltown Arts Centre

2010 – “Thousands” – Matthew Day

Music created for Matthew Day’s solo performance work which premiered at the Nextwave Festival 2010

2010 – “The Memory Progressive” – Phantom Limbs

Sound Design and Animation for dance work in Canberra and

Melbourne, with dancers James Welsby, Amy Macpherson, Rennie

Mcdougall, and Lily Paskas

2010 – “What I think about when I think about dancing”

Choreography and Composers Lab

Collaboration with Choreographers and Composers at Critical Path culminating in an exhibition at Campbelltown Arts Centre, curated

by Cathy Lane from London College of Communication.

2009 – “We Was Them” – SOIT (Belgium)

Music composed for the dance work, Directed by Hans Van den

Broeck, @ KVS (Royal Flemish Theatre), Brussels & Theatre de la

Ville, Paris

2009 – “The Riot Act” Karen Therese

Sound Design in Collaboration with Gail Priest, Directed by Karen

Therese, Campbelltown Arts Centre

2009 – “The Football Diaries” Ahilan Ratnamohan

Composed Music and Sound design for The show Directed By Lee

Wilson, Starring Ahil Ratnamohan

2009 – “Aisthesis” James Brown

Composed Music, Animation, and Perfumes for my own solo work,

Premiered at PACT Theatre in 2009

2008 – “The Lotus Eaters” Ensemble performance

Composed music and live sound for theatre show at PACT Theatre

2008 – “Nomads” SOIT

Composed music for the show Produced and Directed by Hans

Van-de Broek from Belgium, Permiered at Carriageworks

2008 – “Dual” Dance/Theatre – Nalina Wait

Sound for Nalina Wait’s Dance show, at Carriageworks

2008 – “The Whale Chorus” The Whale Chorus

Composed orchestral score for the dance theatre spectacular,

performed live

2008 – “A Loving Captive” Dean Walsh, Jeff Stein

Composed Score and Created Sound Design for Jeff Stein and Dean Walsh Creative Development.

2007 – “Old Feed” Feature Animation – Greg Sharp – Rubber House

Sound Design and Music composition for the Animated Film, set for release late 2008

2007 – Explosive Festival, Bremen, (Germany)

Live Sound and Music for the performance “The Speech Givers”,

Live Music composed for the Explosive Festival in Germany, with

the Theatre ensemble “The Speech Givers”, on their international


2007 – “Living in Harmony” Project, Department of Immigration, Australia

Working with children from the Western Suburbs to produce a

theatre show in order to develop awareness of racism and to

promote cultural Harmony within Australia.

2006 – 2007 – “The Lotus Eaters” PACT Theatre

Live Sound and Music for the performance “Lotus Eaters”, Live

Music composed and performed each night. Theatre Sound

System was set up and operated throughout the show.