Sydney Aquarium

Ambient music for the Jellyfish section of the Aquarium


The Big Winner - Rubber House 

Director: Gregory SharpAnimators: Ivan Dixon and Gregory SharpSound Design: James Brown


Old Feed (trailer) – Rubber House

Director/Animator: Greg Sharp
Sound Design & Music: James Brown

 Scope – The Australian Ballet

Bodytorque Season 2011 
Choreographed by Alice Topp
Visuals by The Apiary.
Link to the performed work; May 2011 @ Sydney Theatre.


Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall is a highly visual and experiential theatre work that examines space and popular notions of home, beauty, love and destruction. Four mobile boxes house the audience and move through the theatre. These rooms are constructed, deconstructed and reconfigured into new spaces that the audience navigate with the performers. Each move reveals and reframes fragments in a suburban love story. A couple search for the meaning of ‘home’ through a series of encounters that underscore the banality and magic of the everyday.


We was them – SOIT (Belgium)

7th of October at KVS, Brussels (Belgium)
Directed by: Hans Van den Broeck
Music: James Brown

Composition / Sound Design Credits

2012– “Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich – Celestial Radio” – Commissioned by the MCA

Composed an hour long radio station that was broadcast from Sydney Harbour from the boat “Celestra”, which was coated in 60,000 square inch mirror tiles.

2012– “INTRMSSN” – Matthew Day
Composed live score for Matthew Day’s Final part of his dance trilogy, to be performed at Dancehouse in Melbourne, and PACT Theatre in Sydney.

2011 – “Scope” – Composition for the ‘Bodytorque’ program, Australian Ballet
Composed piece of music for Alice Topp’s choreography as part of the bodytorque program, produced by the Australian ballet, To be performed at Sydney Theatre in June 2011
2011 – “Tokyo” – Performance with Toshi Ichiyanagi, Tokyo Wonder Site (Japan)
Music composed for a performance with a group of composers and musicians, the premier of a new work created by Japanese Composer Toshi Ichiyanagi

2010 – “Café Prukel” – Company SOIT, from Belgium (Vienna)
Music composed, sound design and live video work for the work premiered at the Impulstanz Vienna international Dance Festival 2010, Directed by Hans Van den Broeck.
2010 – “Hole in the Wall” – Matthew Prest and Claire Britton
Composition (full Score) created for the multi-sensory installation performance premiered at Campbelltown Arts Centre, and Nxtwave 2010 in Melbourne.
2010 – “Thousands” – Matthew Day
Music created for Matthew Day’s solo performance work which premiered at the Nextwave Festival 2010
2010 – “The Memory Progressive” – Phantom Limbs
Sound Design and Animation for dance work in Canberra and Melbourne, with dancers James Welsby, Amy Macpherson, Rennie Mcdougall, and Lily Paskas
2010 – “What I think about when I think about dancing” Choreography and Composers Lab
Collaboration with Choreographers and Composers at Critical Path culminating in an exhibition at Campbelltown Arts Centre, curated by Cathy Lane from London College of Communication.
2009 – “We Was Them” – SOIT (Belgium)
Music composed for the dance work, Directed by Hans Van den Broeck, @ KVS (Royal Flemish Theatre), Brussels & Theatre de la Ville, Paris
2009  – “The Riot Act” Karen Therese 
Sound Design in Collaboration with Gail Priest, Directed by Karen Therese, Campbelltown Arts Centre
2009 – “The Football Diaries” Ahilan Ratnamohan 
Composed Music and Sound design for The show Directed By Lee Wilson, Starring Ahil Ratnamohan
2009 – “Aisthesis” James Brown
Composed Music, Animation, and Perfumes for my own solo work, Premiered at PACT Theatre in 2009
2008 – “The Lotus Eaters” Ensemble performance
Composed music and live sound for theatre show at PACT Theatre
2008 – “Nomads” SOIT
Composed music for the show Produced and Directed by Hans Van-de Broek from Belgium, Permiered at Carriageworks
2008  – “Dual” Dance/Theatre – Nalina Wait
Sound for Nalina Wait’s Dance show, at Carriageworks
2008 – “The Whale Chorus” The Whale Chorus
Composed orchestral score for the dance theatre spectacular, performed live
2008 – “A Loving Captive” Dean Walsh, Jeff Stein
Composed Score and Created Sound Design for Jeff Stein and Dean Walsh Creative Development.
2007 – “Old Feed” Feature Animation – Greg Sharp – Rubber House
Sound Design and Music composition for the Animated Film, set for release late 2008
2007 – Explosive Festival, Bremen, (Germany) 
Live Sound and Music for the performance “The Speech Givers”, Live Music composed for the Explosive Festival in Germany, with the Theatre ensemble “The Speech Givers”, on their international tour.
2007 – “Living in Harmony” Project, Department of Immigration, Australia
Working with children from the Western Suburbs to produce a theatre show in order to develop awareness of racism and to promote cultural Harmony within Australia.
2006 – 2007 – “The Lotus Eaters” PACT Theatre 
Live Sound and Music for the performance “Lotus Eaters”, Live Music composed and performed each night. Theatre Sound System was set up and operated throughout the show.