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Hole in the Wall


Matthew Prest & Clare Britton – HOLE IN THE WALL I wrote music for this performance work, which premiered at Campbelltown Arts Centre, and later on was performed at the Arts House (Meat Market) in Melbourne, as part of the NextWave Program, and then at Performance Space, Carriageworks – in Sydney   We also produced … Read more…

‘The Memory Progressive’ – Phantom Limbs

phantom limbs - canberra

Phantom Limbs is a young and emerging dance company which was founded in early 2008 as the result of the extremely successful partnership of dancers James Welsby and Amy Macpherson. I will be writing music for their show in 2010, titled ‘The Memory Progressive’

Thousands – Matthew Day


I wrote the live score to Matthew Day’s work Thousands, which is part of a Trilogy “IT’S LIKE DISCO BUTOH IN A GOLD WASH. THAT’S ABOUT THE BEST I CAN DESCRIBE IT.” John Bailey Presenting a series of quiet moments and details in an exquisitely poised and controlled performance by Matthew Day, Thousands simultaneously suggests … Read more…